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Metal Snowball Downloads

Here are some MP3s of tracks from John Hovorka's albums.

FROM "Drive All Night" by HOVORKA (recorded in 1997)

Dirt Road

My True Story

You Know That

Ballad of Sheriff John Castle

No Promised Land

Alcohol Beast

From "John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming"

Don't Stop Now

War Zone

"The 2x4's" (Studio Album)

By special request I have put it all up here

the order of the songs is different but here they all are

Bridgeport Lathe

Little Cities

Fight Fire With Fire


Mechanistic Girl


A Regular Guy


Recombinant Phase

Iron Line

Nakkamichi Boogie

Pretty Rain


Lathe & Drill Press


From "Empire State" by Hovorka
(recorded 1988 - 1989)

Empire State

Might Get Shot

From "Chalk Pyramids" by John Hovorka
(recorded in 1998)

Icy River

Eyes Shut Tight

From "Greenland" by Hovorka
(recorded by the second band with this name in 2000)

Expressway Girl

I'll Take

From "Music For Republican Convention Halls"

Frozen Zone

The March Of The Mayors


All of the above-listed MP3's are protected by U.S. Copyright Law and are for personal use only.

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