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MSR010 CD: "PEACE BRIDGE" by John Hovorka, CD $8.00

MSR011 CD: "RUNS + DRIVES by John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming" $10.00

MSR009.  HOVORKA - EMPIRE STATE  Recorded 1988-1989. 
D IN 2008
John Hovorka, vocals, guitars, Tom McCrum, drums, backing vocals, Michan Walker, bass guitar, except Broz Brosnan bass guitar on Tragedy and Party Sheets.
Includes Empire State, Might Get Shot, Let's Make Steel, Tragedy, Power Drunk, Party Sheets, 22 Hours, I Wish It Would Rain, One Man Rides, Thievin' Lyin'
"Empire City, Empire State, where else can you find this way of life?   I want it all, and I want alcohol, and I wanna stay out real late!  Empire City, Empire State!" 
10 songs, 38:30 minutes
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

MSR004 John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming
Released in 2004. John Hovorka, vocals, guitars, Marc Bendian, bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar  Colin Devine, drums, Joe Kelly, percussion, keyboards, Bill Lutz, guitar, backing vocals.  Produced by Joe Kelly.  Engineer: Kol Marshall.  Recorded August 2003.   New York Rock And Roll played by New York Rock And Roll Band. 
Songs are: Don't Stop Now, Reality, Finally Realize, I Can't Help, Imagine The Day,
War Zone.
6 songs, 22:39 minutes
$7.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

BPR303 The 2x4's Album
Recorded in 1980. Released in 2007.
Little Cities, Zipperheads, Mechanistic Girl, Another Day, Fight Fire With Fire, Recombinant Phase, Bridgeport Lathe, Gone Manic, A Regular Guy, Nakkamichi Boogie, Iron Line, Guitar, Aluminum, Lathe & Drill Press, Pretty Rain. 
John Hovorka, vocals, guitar, Tom Martel, vocals, bass guitar, guitar, Steve Donnelly, drums & devices, Cubie guitar, Rolfe Anderson and Erik Lindgren on analog synthesizers on Bridgeport Lathe. 
Finally, that 2x4's album of old! Including the underground hit "Bridgeport Lathe", and its flip side, "Little Cities".  Recorded in Winter 1979, Spring 1980 in Watertown and Melrose, Massachusetts. 
15 songs 38:21 minutes $10.00
+ $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

MSR007 Turbines - Early Turbines - The 1983 Radio Tapes
Released 2005
John Hovorka, vocals, guitars, Jack Hickey, guitar, Dave Shibler, bass guitar, Frec Nazzaro, drums. Engineer, Rob Dimit. Recorded late 1983.
I Get Excited, Independence Day, Whirlpool, The Final Line
CD Thin-line case.
4 songs, 10:44 minutes
$7.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

MSR005 John Hovorka - Music for Republican Convention Halls
Released January 2005
John Hovorka: guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, drum machines.
Minimal, primitive, mostly instrumental. It explores the mood of authoritarianism and the fact of anxiety.
Parental Advisory. Synthesizer Advisory.
Frozen Zone, Checkpoint,
The March of the Mayors, The Terrorist Threat, Patriot Act, The Conscience of a Conservative, Emigrant Song, Tax Shelter, Let No Billionaire Be Left Behind, Protest Outside, Convention Hall of Mirrors
12 tracks, 51:30 minutes
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *


MSR003  John Hovorka - Chalk Pyramids
Recorded in 1998  Released in 2003. 
John Hovorka, guitars, keyboards, vocals, bass guitar, percussion. 
Recorded in the winter and sounds like it was, but photos are from the summer and they look like they are.  Done at home with no one else around.  
One I Love, Blue Area, Icy River, Blocked, Darkest Heaven, Greenland, Back On the Grid, Angel, Metal Snowball,
Eyes Shut Tight.
11 songs 46:42 minutes
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

MSR008 John Hovorka - State Highway 946 - The Chalk Pyramids Remix CD
Recorded in 1998. Released in 2006
John Hovorka - guitars, keyboards. bass guitar, percussion.
I liked the Chalk Pyramids CD so much that I decided to do an instrumental remix of most of it.
State Highway 946, Blue Area, Icy River, Blocked, Darkest Heaven, Grid Part 2, Angel, One I Love.
8 Tracks, 39:09 Minutes
$7.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

Released in 2001
John Hovorka, vocals, guitars, Kevin Fitzgerald, bass guitar, backing vocals, Charlie Bonet, drums, percussion, backing vocals. 
Just shows what can happen when you get New York Hardcore Punk Rock musicians to play some rock and roll. 
Wilderness Man, Blocked, The Unconcerned, Social Control, Cult of, I'll Take, Expressway Girl, Angel, Eyes Shut Tight, Get Away, Never Wake Up, Imprisoned Populations, Wah Hey! 
14 songs, 52:54 minutes
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

Released in 1997
Ramona Herboldsheimer on drums, John Russell on harmonica on one song..  John Hovorka on everything else.  My usual fixations from a largely different angle. 
Dirt Road, My True Story, Iron Line, Big Motor Man, You'll Never Know,
You Know That, No Promised Land,
The Ballad of Sheriff John Castle,
Alcohol Beast, Bridgeport Lathe, In the Long Run, I Get Excited. 
13 songs.  53:54 minutes
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

BPR302  The 2x4's - Live 4/80.
Released in 2005
John Hovorka, vocals, guitar, Tom Martel, vocals, bass guitar,  Steve Donnelly, drums & devices, Cubie guitar. 
This was recorded at The Underground in Brighton, Massachusetts in April 1980 by Rolfe Anderson on a two-track machine. 
Fight Fire With Fire, Recombinant Phase, Nakkamichi Boogie, Draft Registration Time, The Spazz, Neighborhood Bowling League, Twisted Sense of Humor, Little Cities, Lathe & Drill Press, Midnight Hour, A Regular Guy, Billy Says, Gone Manic. 
13 songs, 29:43 minutes
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

MSR006.  Noise Pencil
Released in 2005. R
ecorded in 1982-1983.
Weirton West Virginia, This Is the Life, Discipline Might, Metropolitan Areas recorded at Baker St. Studio, Watertown, MA. The Sun Also Rises, Discipline Might, Weirton West Virginia, This Is the Life, Iron Man, Repression, I Don't Like, Decadent Eras, The Price Of The Truth, Iron Line, Cult of Personality, Party Sheets, The Songs Are My Friends, Love Canal, No Living,  recorded live, at Jasper's, a club in Somerville, Mass. and at Maverick's in Boston, Mass.
John Hovorka, guitar, vocals, Jack Hickey, guitar, Bill Norcott, bass guitar, Andrew Joslin drums on studio tracks, Alan Scheinfeld drums on live tracks.
NOTE: This is compiled from the best sources available. Some of them lack good audio quality.
17 Songs, 46:30 minutes
$7.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *



MSR011  John Hovorka And The Dawn Of Mechanized Farming Second Album
CD +Released in 12/19.
John Hovorka, vocals, guitars
Marc Bendian, guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals
Colin Devine, drums, percussion, backing vocals
12 Songs
$10.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

(an image of this album and more info on it will be up here very soon)


BPR301.1 The Price Of The Truth by
John Hovorka
Recorded in 1981, re-released in 2007
The Price Of The Truth, American Decisions, 2AYN, Sermon #1
John Hovorka, vocals, guitar, Tom Martel, bass guitars, Cubie, guitars, Joe Davenport, drums, Marc Thor, piano, backing vocals on Sermon#1.
The first John Hovorka solo "album". Short but not sweet.
9:49 minutes, 4 songs
$7.00 + $4.00 SHIPPING to US *

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