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ALSO NOTE: John Hovorka wrote a novel,
It is about the rock and roll scene of the 1980's.

To find out more about it and to buy it, CLICK HERE

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MSR010 "PEACE BRIDGE" by John Hovorka CD $7.00


MSR011 "Runs + Drives" by John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming
CD $10.00

BPR 303 The 2x4's" studio album. It includes Bridgeport Lathe / Little Cities original tracks.
CD $10.00

BPR302 "The 2x4's Live 4/80" CD $7.00

BPR 301.1 "The Price Of The Truth" by John Hovorka CD $7.00

MSR001 "Drive All Night" by Hovorka CD $5.00

MSR002 "Greenland" by Hovorka CD $7.00

MSR003 "Chalk Pyramids" by John Hovorka CD $7.00

MSR004 "John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming" EP CD $7.00

MSR005 "Music For Republican Convention Halls" by John Hovorka CD $7.00

MSR006 "Noise Pencil" CD $7.00

MSR007 "Early Turbines" Short EP/4 song single CD $5.00

MSR008 "State Highway 946" by John Hovorka CD $7.00

MSR009 "Empire State" by Hovorka CD $7.00

Turbines - Wah Hey b/w No Sure Bet (45 RPM vinyl)$10.00
quantities are limited so ask before ordering

Hovorka - Drillin' b/w A Lot Of Nerve (45 RPM vinyl) $5.00
quantities are limited so ask before ordering

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